MIT Institute of Design
Amit Deshmukh
Associate Prof. Amit

H.O.D. Interior Space and Furniture Design
Amit has done Bachelors in Architecture from Pune & Masters in Industrial Design from SPA, N. Delhi . He has joined MIT after an experience from all forms of the design profession. His work includes a work in industry – a work under Institute (NID) - & with professional sector of the design field. Amit has been involved in conceptualizing new vanity case & designing of new product ranges, features and components for Aristocrat Luggage. Amit has worked as 'Project Associate- Mumbai Toy Project' for National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. This was a UNDP sponsored project where the clients were 'Ministry of Small Scale Industries' and 'Toy Association of India'.
He was a consultant, member of the design team, & was handling the NID+SISI cell in Mumbai to provide design services to six-selected toy industries in Mumbai.

His Professional experience includes Freelance work in product design, architectural & interior works. Individually he has done designing of multiparamonitor & a Mobile X-ray unit. He has also worked with elite design firms like Design Directions, & Ticket Design at Pune, where he has handled various design projects. With Design Directions he was involved in designing EPBX units & signage lay-outing. He was also involved with local NGOs at the rehabilitation work after Latur Earthquake in architectural as well as design aspects.
Amit has been involved in teaching with architecture stream. He has been in Pune University Jury panel & was appointed as Chairperson for Architecture Design & Basic Design subjects at Pune University examinations. He was also appointed as examiner for National Architectural entrance test NATA by Council of Architecture – N. Delhi
His major achievement includes a 'Silver Medal' at ANVESHAN-1 competition by IIM-Ahmedabad & selection as "CORE 77 Heavyweight design championship" finalist for his group entry – 'A Noise Destroyer'.
At MIT Amit will be engaged with Product Design & Interior & Space Equipment Design. An interest in research activities & a learning attitude brings him in education field. His key areas of interests include Children related products, Portable Architecture & Heritage work. A multi diverse environment at MIT provides a further enriching experience to his personality.