MIT Institute of Design
Dr. Sugandha Gaur
Dr. Sugandha Gaur
Asst. Prof. Graphic Design
She is a creative enthusiast with experience in design and communication. Finding simple solutions for complex problems is what inspires her the most. She received her MFA and BFA in Applied Art from College of Art, Delhi. She worked as an Art Director on some of the world’s biggest brands at TBWA, Gurgaon and has closely worked on Disruption and Media Arts techniques. She has also worked as a Creative Mentor and an Assistant Professor formerly in Miami Ad School, Mumbai, and College of Art, Delhi, respectively.
She has been awarded Ph.D. for her thesis in Media Arts at University of Delhi. She is the recipient of Junior Research Fellowship award by
University Grants Commission and a Silver Pencil Nomination award by D&AD for being a Tutor on a project done by students at Miami Ad School, Mumbai. She looks forward to enhance her students’ understanding for exceptional advertising communication and design concepts.
She loves strumming the guitar and singing. When she is not with her guitar, she is either doodling or making a pun.