MIT Institute of Design

  Academic Calendar 2015-16

SHARAD Semester
Monday 11 th July 2016 to Friday 17 th Dec 2016
Jury Preparation & End Semester Jury for SHARAD SEMESTER
Monday 5 th Dec To Friday 16 th Dec 2016
Id-e-Milad Monday 12th December 2016

  Academic Calendar 2016-17

VASANT Semester
Monday 2 nd Jan 2017 to Friday 2 nd June 2017
Jury Preparation & End Semester Jury for VASANT SEMESTER
Monday 22 nd May To Friday 2 nd June 2017
Dhulivandan (Holi 2th Day) Monday 13th March 2017
Gudi Padva Tuesday 28th March 2017
Ambedkar Jayanti Friday 14th April 2017
Maharashtra Day Monday 1st May 2017
Ramzan Id Monday 26 th June 2017
Ganesh Chaturthi Friday 25th August 2017
Anant Chaturdashi Tuesday 5th September 2017
Anant Chaturdashi (2ndday) Wednesday 6th September 2017
Gandhi Jayanti Mondya 2nd October 2017
Diwali Monday 16th October To Saturday 21st October 2017
Christmas Monday 25th December 2017
Note : The above holidays may be cancelled due to administrative constraints.
Registration for 1st year batch on 10th & 11th July 2017
Next Academic Session for new batch begins from 12 th July 2017
Old students Academic Session begins from 17th July 2017