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Automotive Clay Sculpting Course


MAEER's MIT Institute of Design established in 2006 is an initiative started under the guidance of today's leading minds of Design education in India.
In a short span of 9 years the institute has developed its identity as one of the best research and training institutions offering the highest quality of design education.

Transportation Design

The rapidly changing growth of India's economic growth demands an increase of a corresponding growth in the domain of infrastructure. This is especially so in the different sectors of transportation – of goods and people.
This specialist industrial design course offered by MIT's Institute of Design is concerned with addressing holistically the needs of transportation devices and systems in a broader context. It acknowledges the need to reconsider transport products in the framework of the present day scenario vis a vis the economic and social needs, the need to analyse the success or failure of existing systems and devices, and to propose future transport solutions.

Automotive Clay Sculpting

Automotive clay sculpting help translate a designer’s vision into a tangible reality.
Clay modelling is still commonly used by OEMS in automotive and product design industry, This is a way to for pre visualize concepts which help in decision making before taking the products further for manufacturing.
MITID has developed these programmes in close collaboration with SIAM.

About SIAM

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) is the apex Industry body representing leading vehicle & vehicular engine manufacturers in India. Through its Styling & Design Group, SIAM is committed to strengthening the Indian automotive-design ecosystem. A part of this effort is undertaken through the proper training and mentoring of students as well as practicing designers, digital & physical modellers.
Automotive Clay Modelling was identified collectively by Indian OEMs as an area with a gap between the supply & demand of skilled personnel. The importance of clay models in helping to visualize & sell concepts cannot be overstated and though the related skill sets are much in demand, their availability well below was is need by the industry be it transportation or product.
With the aim to address this gap, SIAM will be supporting MITID, Pune for starting an Automotive Clay Modelling programme. This programme will be intensive skill based programs which will have inputs in design fundamentals, form studies, technical design, digital modelling, materials and model making.

MITID in association with Society of Indian Automobile (SIAM)

Manufacturers (SIAM) is offering full time skill development program on automotive clay sculpting & modelling at its campus in Pune.

Courses Offered

Certificate program in automotive clay sculpting – 8 months      ₹ 1,50,000/- for 8 months

Diploma in automotive clay sculpting – 2 years      ₹ 2,65,000/- per year

Course Structure
8 months Programme
Programme Details

Automotive Clay Sculpting – 8 months

Sr. No. Module Duration
1 Design Overview   
2 Visual thinking I (Perspective drawings) 4 Weeks
3 Visual thinking II (Analytical drawings) 4 Weeks
4 Introduction to elements and principles of Design 2 Weeks
5 Model making with simple materials 6 Weeks
6 Visual thinking III (From manipulation) 4 Weeks
7 Clay model of simple products 4 Weeks
8 Scale down model of vehicle in clay (with introduction to vehicle packaging 8 Weeks
Post Graduate Programme
Semester 1  
Semester 2  
Semester 3  
Semester 4  

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Design overview  
2 Visual thinking I (Perspective drawings) 4 Weeks
3 Visual thinking II (Analytical drawings) 3 Weeks
4 Automotive Sketching & rendering 4 Weeks
5 Automotive Photography / Photoshop Rendering (Elective)
Visualization (Elective)
1 Week
6 Workshop Practices & Model making Technologies 4 Weeks
7 Model making with simple materials 5 Weeks
8 Visual thinking III (From manipulation) 6 Weeks

Semester 2

Sr. No. Module Duration
9 Technical Drawings 2 Weeks
10 Design Process 4 Weeks
11 Fundamentals of Vehicle Packaging 1 Week
12 Automotive components replica making (Elective) Speed Form (Elective) 6 Weeks
13 Clay model of simple products 6 Weeks
14 Scale down model of vehicle in clay 6 Weeks

Semester 3

Sr. No. Module Duration
15 Full scale model of existing vehicle  

Semester 4

Sr. No. Module Duration
16 Full scale model of concept vehicle  

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