MIT Institute of Design
Sonal Radia-Tyagi
Asst. Prof. Sonal Radia-Tyagi
Film & Video Design
Sonal has done her M.A. in English Literature, a Diploma in Cinema, specialising in Editing and a Post Diploma in Broadcasting, from FTII.
She has also, over the years done courses to upgrade her skillset including an FCP Apple certified course.
After graduating from FTII, Sonal worked in Mumbai [then Bombay], initially as an editor and later as a Producer and Director on various documentary films and television programs – including Nukkad, and was the Executive Producer of a daily Lifestyle show on Home TV.
In 1996, she went to East Africa, to start up a new television channel in Uganda – Channel TV.
In 1999, she shifted to Nairobi, where she began by making stories for CNN’s ‘Inside Africa’ and Reuters’ ‘Africa Journal’. One of these stories, on the Kenna Sugar Works was translated into 32 languages and was carried on the Global Economic review. She also directed documentaries for IFAW, UNHCR, AKES and AKUH.

In 2003, she set up her own production house, ‘Themescape Media’ and produced and edited many documentaries and television shows. A program she produced ‘Chakula Bora’ became Africa’s longest running sponsored show and ran for 163 episodes.

In 2013, she shifted back to India and began teaching, initially as visiting faculty and later as full time faculty. She has taught at SIMC and DGMCMS. Before she joined MITID as full time faculty, she had conducted workshops at MITID.

Sonal enjoys the process of teaching and is very aware of the constantly evolving media scene and works hard to make sure that the teaching is relevant and meaningful to her young students who are emerging into adulthood. As someone who has worked in various countries and made programs for an International audience, she can prepare her students to become ‘global citizens’.