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Graphic Design Institutes in India have been training candidates for a long time but most of them are very narrowly focused on imparting software application skills. These Graphic Design Institutes in India are unable to impart the sound theoretical and conceptual understanding that's required to be a professional graphic designer. MIT ID is one such Graphic Design Institutes in India which understands the importance of a sound conceptual knowledge and also of the necessary skills required to be a professional graphic designer.

Graphic Design is an important aspect of Communication Design. The learners of Graphic Design discipline find that the courses of study are centered on various topics like typography and type design, illustration and photography, packaging and print design, signage design and corporate identity systems. The application of Information Technology would take learners in fields of computer graphics, multimedia and web design. Learners use software like Sound forge, Adobe premiere, Adobe After Effects and Combustion for the Graphic Design projects.

Graphic Design courses in India are suitable for candidates who are inherently good at creativity and visual communication. However, Graphic design courses at MIT ID equip the learners with the required knowledge and skills to be professional Graphic designer.

Mathew Kurien   Prof.Ranjana Dani   Rajendra Thakre
Prof. Mathew Kurien
H.O.D. Graphic Design

Prof. Ranjana Dani
Graphic Design

Associate Prof. Rajendra
Graphic Design
Bhumika Kherde   Maithili Kachare   Parag Chitale
Asst. Prof. Bhumika
Graphic Design
Asst. Prof. Maithili
Graphic Design
Asst. Prof. Parag Chitale
Graphic Design
Rohit Keluskar   Vikram Kaushik   Yogesh Gite
Asst. Prof. Rohit Keluskar
Graphic Design
Asst. Prof.Vikram Kaushik
Graphic Design
Asst. Prof.Yogesh Gite
Graphic Design
Pranali Shah        
Faculty Fellow. Pranali
Graphic Design


Course Structure
B.Des Programme
Semester 1 Semester 5
Semester 2 Semester 6
Semester 3 Semester 7
Semester 4 Semester 8

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Credits
GFNFD101 Design Overview  0
GFNFD102 Design Drawing 1  4
GFNFD103 Fundamentals of Design 1 (Colour) 3
GFNFD104 Fundamentals of Design 2 (Geometry) 1
GFNFD105 Fundamentals of Design 3 (Materials) 4
GFNDS106 Fundamentals of Design 4 (Form Space and Structure) 4
GFNDG107 Digital Methods 1 2
GFNDC108 Inter Design Studies 1 (Environ Exposure) 1

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Credits
GFNFD201 Design Drawing 2 : Freehand , Analytical & Perspective 3
GFNFD202 Fundamentals of Design 5 : Colour II 2
GFNFD203 Fundamentals of Design 6 : Solid Geometry 2
GFNFD204 Fundamentals of Design 7 : Three Dimensionalaties of Form , Space & Structure 3
GFNFD205 Fundamentals of Design 8 : Materials 3
GFNDS206 Digital Methods 2 : Advanced Image Processing and Vector Graphics Applications 1
GFNPR207 Design Process : Problem Solving 5
GFNDC208 Interdesign Studies 2 : Urban Environment Exposure  1

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credits
GGFD301 Design Drawing  – Drawing (Mediums & Techniques) 3
GGFD302 Graphic Composition & Layouts / Color – Basics and Color Palettes  2
GGFD303 Basic Typography (Lettering & Layouts) 2
GGFD304 Digital Methods – Publishing (Part1) 2
GGFD305 Basic Photography 2
GGDC306 Communication Theory & Media Studies   2
GGFD307 History of Design 1
GGFD308 Basics of Moving Images (Technical ) 1
GGPR309 Design Project 1- Design Process / Simple Design Project   4
GGDC310 Inter-Design Studies - Folk Arts 1

Semester 4

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Digital Methods -  Premier / After Effects / Audition 105

3D Structural  Study/ Materials for Communication Medias(Production & Prototype)

3 Digital Methods -Illustrator Design Drawing 4 - Digital Art 105
4 Contextual Photography (With Adobe Light room ) 70
5 Typography / Calligraphy (Type Design & Application) 140
6 History of Design 35
7 Design Project 2- Understanding Various Target Audiences (Copywriting Workshop) 175
8 Inter-Design Studies - Signs and Symbols 0
9 Art Appreciation Workshop 0

Semester 5

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Semiotics - Design Project 3 - Signs & Symbol Design
Design Project 4 - Corporate Identity
2 Digital Methods – In-design
Design Project 5 - Publication Design (Print & Web)
3 Design Project 6 - Information Design
Info-graphics  & Way finding Systems
4 Digital Methods - VFX &  Motion Graphics
Design Project  12 - Story Telling / Story Boarding /
Making of Small Film
5 Inter-Design Studies-Transportation Graphics /
Environmental Graphics
6 Industrial Internship (during vacation) 140

Semester 6

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Open Elective 70
2 Digital Methods - Dreamweaver
Design Project 8 - User Experience Design (Web Design)
Design Project 9 - Interaction Design (E-learning / Apps /
Kiosks /  Non Digital)

Design Project 10 -  Packaging Design (with Product Design)

4 Professional Design Practice (Design Case Paper -writing) 105
5 Design Project 11- Communication Campaign for Social
Impact  (Media Mix) Research Concepts  (Cont.. to next term……)
6 Inter-Design Studies - Study of New - Age Media 0
7 Inter-Design Studies-Transportation Graphics /
Environmental Graphics
8 Communication Theory and Media Studies 70

Semester 7

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Design Ethnography 70
2 Design Project 11 - Communication Campaign for Social
Impact (Cont…) (Media Mix) Visual Interpretations
3 Design Project 13 - Design for Brands 315
4 Design Project 14 -  System Thinking - Systems Design 210

Semester 8

Sr. No. Course Title Hrs
1 Graduation Project 700
M.Des Programme
Semester 1  
Semester 2  
Semester 3  
Semester 4  

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Credits
PGFD101 Design Overview 0
PGDG102 Digital Methods / Digital Illustration 2
PGFD103 Graphic Composition & Layouts / Color interpretations 2
PGFD104 Study of 3D Structures, Material for  Communication  Medias (Production & Prototype)  1
PGDG105 Digital Methods –Publishing (Part1) 2
PGFD106 Basic Photography 1
PGPR107 Design Project 1- Design Process / Simple Design Project   3
PGFD108 Basic Typography  2
PGDC109 Film / Art Appreciation  1
PGDC110 Data Interpretation & Graphic Visualization 1
PGDC111 Professional Design Practice (Design Case Paper-Writing) 1
PGPR112 Design Project 2 - Copywriting- Commnication Campaign Advertising 3

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Credits
PGDC201 History of Design 1
PGFD202 Photography (Adobe Lightroom)   1
PGDC203 Communication Theory & Media Studies  2
PGPR204 Design Project 3 - Semiotics  &  Identity Design 3
PGDC205 Introduction UI  & UX 2
PGPR206 Design Project 4 -Digital Methods -  Motion Graphics  & Moving Image Design 3
PGPR207 Design Project 5 - Publication Design (Part2) 3
PGDC208 Printing and Production Methods 1
PGPR209 Design Project 6 – Packaging Design (With Product Design) 4

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credits
PGDC301  Human Factors in Visual Design 3
PGPR302 Design Project 5 - Way-finding Systems  3
PGPR303 Inter Design Studies – Exposure to Rural Environment 1
PGPR304 Design Project 7 –Communication for Social Impact (Integrated media )  4
PGDC305 Design Management  1
PGPR306 Design Project 8–  Design for Brands / Brand Manual 5
PGPR307 Design Project 9- (UX &UI) Digital Media & Technology  3

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credits
PGPR401 Graduation Project 20

Graphic design is a creative, strategic, managerial, and technical activity. It essentially involves the production of visual solutions to communication problems. A Graphic Design learner is honed to become a 'designer' with a disciplinary focus who integrates the idioms and approaches of other disciplines such as science, medicine, engineering and information technology resulting in a cross-disciplinary input to achieve a collaborative, multi dimensional and hybrid visual competence.
A Graphic Design learner is mentored to design for identity design; typography; editorial and publication design; information design; illustration; photography; packaging; design for social impact; broadcast graphics and film titles, , web and game interface design; interaction, environmental and exhibition graphics; merchandise; signage and pictogram systems; data visualization; and any other activity within print, online and offline shaping of visual form.
Designers are moving away from tangible object-orientation and toward experiential or service-oriented design solutions and are involved in generating services, information visualization and visual experiences. Learners are trained to develop intellectual sensibility and skill, nurtured through educational training and professional experience, to create designs or images for reproduction via multiple media creating meaning for a community of diverse users. By applying critical thinking, creativity, experimentation and evaluation; substantially supported by an inclusive approach that emphasizes difference, respects human, environmental and cultural diversity; they strive to create communication systems and experiences for the betterment of humanity and the environment. They simultaneously master technologies and production techniques in order to provide in holistic deliverables.