MIT Institute of Design
MITID™hosted the Annual Meet of SIAM Design and Styling this year. Design heads of major automobile companies in India attended the meet at MITID™
MIT Institute of Design has joined hands with Design Matrix with an aim to offer a strong platform to share innovative design concepts. To aspire to bring new ideas through regular issues and to focus on young students and their creativity and pedagogues.

Padma Shri Prof Shoji Shiba, a world renowned Breakthrough Management expert visit to MITID™

Padma Shri Prof Shoji Shiba, a world renowned Breakthrough Management expert visited MITID™ on 12th Dec 2013. He was accompanied by Mr. G. Sunderraman and Mr. Sanjay Lonial from Godrej Disruptive Innovations team.

Prof. Shoji Shiba and the team at Godrej Disruptive Innovations has been guiding the process of transformation of the Indian industry and is known for developing the Five Step Discovery Process for Breakthrough (BT) Management and globalisation of TQM. He has been doing this through the nationwide Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing Programme, which is being implemented under the Joint Technical Cooperation Agreement signed between Indian and Japanese Government.

Prof. Shiba is is leading an initiative "Village Buddha" supported by CII and the Japanese government the aim of which is to explore innovative models to engage society and business. Prof. Shiba was taken on a tour of the campus and shown the work done by MITID™ students. Prof. Shiba was very impressed with the quality of work and has shown interest to collaborate with MITID™. Select MITID™ students will work on an exhaustive immersion program mentored by Prf. Shiba and the team members where they will spend time in rural areas. They will apply innovative methods like Jumping into Fish Bowl , Concept Engineering and Kano Analysis.