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Water Bag by Anjana Narayan

Anjana Narayan UG Sem 4 Product Design student of MITID was nominated as one of 20 top entries amongst 336 entries from 41 countries for the design competition at Designpreis Halle, Germany for her design "Water Bag" the competition on the theme "Wasser" (Water) !

The Exhibition took place at Stuttgart in Halle Saale, Germany on the 4thof June 2014.

The Water Bag

The product CuH2O is a basic concept to provide an alternative to bottled water. This vessel is like a regular water bottle but instead of plastic, the walls are made of a thick, densely woven canvas cloth also known as chagall in Hindi. This cloth gives the bottle properties comparable to a clay or earthen pot: it keeps the water inside it cold. Copper with its well-known anti-bacterial properties has also been used for this bottle. It is very commonly used in most parts of India, and it can keep the water healthy and germ-free for long periods of time. This water bag provides a healthy alternative to PET bottles and can last longer.

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