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Product Design Courses

MIT ID has emerged to be one of the best Product Design institutes in India. Similar to other premier Product Design Institutes in India, the product Design program at MIT ID is part of the Industrial Design discipline. It has been the earliest programs since the inception of Institute in 2006.

The Product Design Programs offer the learners to understand the various approaches, processes and systems to address human needs by creating tangible products. In the various courses that the learners pursue, the emphasis is on learning-by-doing and following a comprehensive process of designing, producing and marketing products, systems and services. Of the many Product design courses in India the Product Design Programs at MITID are unique.

The courses covered in the Program make the students understand concepts like design ethnography, design research, Ergonomics, Design Process, Strength of Materials, History of Design, Green Design, sustainable design and System Design. Of the many Product design courses in India the one at MIT ID emphasizes on the holistic learning.

Product design courses in India have opened up a variety of career options. The products, systems and services created are to be used in homes, workplaces, institutions, places of leisure and outdoor spaces for public interaction.

Rahul Nair   Prof.Dimant Panchal   Samson Mathai
Associate Prof. Rahul Nair
H.O.D. Product Design

Prof.Dhimant Panchal
Product Design
Associate Prof. Samson
Product Design
Shoubhik Dutta Roy   Sagar Joshi   Supriya Ugale
Associate Prof. Shoubhik
Dutta Roy
Product Design
Asst. Prof. Sagar Joshi
Product Design
Asst. Prof. Supriya Ugale
Product Design

Yohan Engineer        
Asst. Prof. Yohan Engineer
Product Design



Course Structure
B.Des Programme
Semester 1 Semester 5
Semester 2 Semester 6
Semester 3 Semester 7
Semester 4 Semester 8

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Credits
GFNFD101 Design Overview  0
GFNFD102 Design Drawing 1  4
GFNFD103 Fundamentals of Design 1 (Colour) 3
GFNFD104 Fundamentals of Design 2 (Geometry) 1
GFNFD105 Fundamentals of Design 3 (Materials) 4
GFNDS106 Fundamentals of Design 4 (Form Space and Structure) 4
GFNDG107 Digital Methods 1 2
GFNDC108 Inter Design Studies 1 (Environ Exposure) 1

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Credits
GFNFD201 Design Drawing 2 : Freehand , Analytical & Perspective 3
GFNFD202 Fundamentals of Design 5 : Colour II 2
GFNFD203 Fundamentals of Design 6 : Solid Geometry 2
GFNFD204 Fundamentals of Design 7 : Three Dimensionalaties of Form , Space & Structure 3
GFNFD205 Fundamentals of Design 8 : Materials 3
GFNDS206 Digital Methods 2 : Advanced Image Processing and Vector Graphics Applications 1
GFNPR207 Design Process : Problem Solving 5
GFNDC208 Interdesign Studies 2 : Urban Environment Exposure  1

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPFD301 Design Drawing  4
GPFS302 Form Studies - Radii Manipulation 3
GPFD303 Basic Photography 1
GPFD304 Basic Typography 1
GPDG305 Digital Studies (CAD) 1
GPDC306 Introduction to Ergonomics  2
GPST307 Materials & Processes 2
GPDC308 Research Methods 2
GPPR309 Design Project - Simple Product Design 4

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPFD401 Design Drawing: Rendering Techniques 2
GPST402 Technology: Workshop Skills  & Working Model Making  5
GPFS403 Form Studies: Form Transition 2
GPST404 Technology: Advanced Manufacturing Processes  2
GPDC405 IDS: Everyday Science & Creative Intervention 3
GPPR406 Design Project  2 : Human-Product Interface 5
GPDG407 Digital Methods  : Advanced CAD  1

Semester 5

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPST501 Basic Mechanisms, Strength of Materials & Structures 2
GPPR502 Project: Techno-Aesthetic Detailing 4
GPDC503 History Of Industrial Design     1
GPPR504 Project: Design For Special Needs 6
GPDC505 Colour, Material, Finish and Trend Studies  3
GPDG506 Digital Methods: CAD/CAM 1
GPDG507 Digital Rendering: Wacom 2
GPDC508 Interdesign Studies : Travel 1

Semester 6

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPST601 Prototyping Electrical /Digital Technology 3
GPDC602 Product Semantics 2
GPPR603 Project: Technically Complex  Product 5
GPDC604 Open Elective 2
GPPR605 Packaging Design (With Graphic Design)  3
GPDC606 Interdesign Studies : Appropriate Economics  1
GPDC607 Design & Business 3
GPDG608 Digital Methods: CAD/CAM  1

Semester 7

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPPR701 Project: Nature-inspired Design 4
GPDC702 Design Ethnography 2
GPPR703 Project: Story-telling & Product Design 4
GPDC704 Green Design: Attitude to Sustainability 3
GPPR705 Project: System Design 7

Semester 8

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPPR801 Industrial Internship 4
GPPR802 Graduation Project 16
M.Des Programme
Semester 1  
Semester 2  
Semester 3  
Semester 4  

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Credits
PPDC101 Design Overview   0
PPFD102 Fundamentals of Design 1 :Material Exploration  & Basic Modeling 4
PPFD103 Design Drawing 1 : Freehand, Analytical & Perspective 3
PPFD104 Fundamentals of Design 2 : Color 2
PPFS105 Fundamentals of Design 3: Elements of Form, Space, Structure & Geometry 3
PPDC106 Fundamentals of Design 4 : Film Appreciation 1
PPPR107 Design Project 1 : Simple Product Design 4
PPDG108 Digital Methods 1 : Photoshop / Illustrator 1
PPDC109 Interdesign Studies 1 : Rural Environment 1

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Credits
PPFD201 Design Drawing 2 : Sketching - Visualized , Conceptual 3
PPFD202 Fundamentals of Design 5 : Basic Typography 1
PPFD203 Fundamentals of Design 6 : Basic Photography 1
PPFS204 Fundamentals Of Design  7 : Form  Studies 2D/3D 2
PPPR205 Design Project 2  : Packaging Design 3
PPST206 Technology 1 : Materials & Manufacturing Processes 2
PPDC207 Introduction to Ergonomics 1
PPPR208 Design Project 3 : Technically Complex Product 5
PPDG209 Digital Methods 2 : CAD  2

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credits
PPPR301 Project: Nature-inspired Design 3
PPDC302 Design & Business 3
PPDC303 Design Ethnography 1
PPPR304 Project: Design for Special Needs 4
PPPR305 Project: Systems Design 5
PPPR306 Project: Story telling, design for future 4

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credits
PPPR401 Graduation Project 20

The graduates from Product Design discipline will find career in the following market segments

  • B2C - Business to Commerce. Organizations dealing with Consumer Durables, Consumer Electronics, Automotives, Personal Products.
  • B2B - Business to Business. Organization dealing with infrastructure and amenities like Water treatment, waste treatment, thermal management, building Technologies.
  • Design Studios
  • SME - Small to Medium scale enterprises
Alternatively, they could also become Entrepreneurs by joing hands with graduates from other design disciplines or other professionals like engineering, marketing.