MIT Institute of Design
Sebastian Jerome
Asst. Prof. Sebastian Jerome Michael
Product Design
He was fortunate to have his formative years in the subsidiary of Caterpillar Design and Manufacture of Earth Moving Equipment in State-of-the-art Technology CAD/CAM in their proprietary software ANVIL 4000 . Redesigned few critical castings and sheet metal components for CAD when the manual methods were about to become obsolete. Generated CNC programs for their manufacture to be run at different locations of the globe. The logical outcome of the experience garnered helped him to join Bajaj Auto, Second largest two wheeler manufacturer in the world, as a Head of CAD Center in their Manufacturing Engineering Department. Designed and Manufactured Tools for many critical
components including Engine of Two and Three wheelers. Developed programs for CAD automation and Tool Design standards. Trained all the team associates for their computer literacy, when it was not prevalent in 90’s in India. Empowerment motivated him to create space for his stretch and run for the extra mile where there is less crowd and the initiatives taken for CAD/CAM software development placed him in Aha Zone . Developed Machining software for CNC program generation for wire EDM and CNC Milling and used this to machine many components. Also developed simulation software to simulate the machining path in 3D. For a shorter span of time he worked as Application Manager in a leading software company at Chennai in support of SDRC - IDEAS and Auto-Desk Products.

Later he joined KELTRAC a joint venture of Govt. of India and Govt. of Kerala. Contributed in setting up the Tool Room, Education and Training. He was a member of the academic council and was actively involved in preparation of the syllabus and selection of faculty for short term and long term training. He was also actively involved in preparing the Tool Room which had 3 and 5 axis CNC machines for manufacture of ISRO components.

Later, he joined UCAL a global leader in automotive fuel systems as a Head of Tool Room Division to lead various teams for the effective manufacture of Tooling. He redesigned few products for process capability, of Borg- Warner, Thermo Emission Control systems, which supplies to 3 major autos G.M., FORD, and Chryseller at U.S. In the hour of ignorance, the knowledge he borrowed from business leaders characterized his actions and decisions. When Leadership nirvana was born, he realized that, “Till you become a leader the growth is about you. The moment you become a leader the growth is about others.” He adds that he might not have been the brightest bulb, yet his equal blend of professionalism and entrepreneurship, have benefited other brighter bulbs to glow by his coaching and counselling that infused passion that created a big picture focus, and helped the organization to win as a whole. He is a proponent of LEAN MANUFACTURING PHILOSPHY which he learnt from the leading researchers of U.S. who conducted their study at TOYOTA plant at Japan. He believes in Design and Develop Systems for Optimum Allocation of Resources for Value stream Mapping to Plug cash drains. He also has experience in SAP implementation.

He also secured admission at leading U.S. university with scholarship for Nano Engineering and did not pursue due to personal reasons.
He says all these were possible by him because of the sheer effort of his Guruji who caught and coached him while he was young.