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M.Des in Design Academics and Research

The M.Des course is meant for those who aspire to a career shift to explore the relationship between design learning, practice and mentoring to develop a mindset toward design education and research and create future design academician. This programme is offered under the aegis of 'Prof. H. Kumar Vyas Design Chair' MIT ID has been instituted to honour Prof. H. Kumar Vyas for his contribution to setting up various design institutions in India including MITID. This program is specifically designed for professionals seeking transition to design education. The M.des course covers fundamentals of education, design orientation, curriculum design, teaching and learning methodologies, and research methods. The program takes a practical and hands-on approach where participants get an opportunity to collaborate with senior faculties, researchers and industry professionals on live industry and academic projects. The capstone project provides an opportunity to integrate and apply the learning across different modules.




Bachelor’s degree in Engineering /Architecture / Design / Interior Design or equivalent (4 years’ duration after 10+2)

Professional Diploma in Design (NID/CEPT or equivalent of 4 years’ duration after 10+2)

BFA (4 year professional programme after 10+2)

Master’s degree in Arts / Science / Computer Applications or equivalent (2 year programme after 10+2+3)


2 years full time


Manchester Metropolitan University,


Northumbria University, UK

Course Structure

Course Code Course Name Credits
PIFD101 Design Overview  0
PIFD102 Design Drawing 1 : Freehand, Perspective,Visualisation Parallelline  3
PIFD103 Fundamentals of Design 1 : Colour 1
PIFD104 Fundamentals of Design 2 : Geometry 2
PIFD105 Fundamentals of Design 3 : Materials & Processes 4
PIFD106 Fundamentals of Design 4 :  Form,Space & Structures  3
PIPR107 Design Project 1: Design Process – Furniture Design 1  4
PIDC108 Inter Design Studies 1:  Environment Studies  1
PIDC109 Design context 1: History of Habitat & Design  (self study) 1
Course Code Course Name Credits
PIST201 Furniture Technology : Mechanisms, Structures and Joineries 2
PIFS202 Space & Form Studies 1  2
PIPR203 Design Project 2  : Space Design 1 6
PIPR204 Design Project 3 : Furniture Design 2 4
PIPR205 Design Project 4 : Design of Special Interiors 3
PIDC206 Design Context  2 : History of Furniture – Self study 1
PIDG207 Digital Methods 1  1
PIDC208 Inter Design Studies 2 : Craft Documentation  (in vacation) 1
Course Code Course Name Credits
PIFS301 Space and Form  Studies 2 3
PIPR302 Design Project 5 : Space Design  2 6
PIPR303 Design Project 6 :  Systems Thinking and System Design 7
PIDC304 Design and Business +  Case Paper Writing 3
PIDG305 Digital Methods 2  1
Course Code Course Name Credits
PIPR401 Graduation Project 20



Project: Clay Design

by Raj Mehta


Project: Clay Design

by Raj Mehta


Project: Clay Design

by Raj Mehta


Project: Clay Design

by Raj Mehta


Project: Clay Design

by Raj Mehta


Project: Clay Design

by Raj Mehta


The M.Des in Design Academics and Research programme at MITID aim to produce leaders for design education with an insatiable zest for critical thinking and an avid urge for social reconstruction.
The graduates from the Design Academics and Research discipline will find a career as

  • Design Education Consultant
  • Curriculum Designer for EdTech Company
  • Learning and Development Professional
  • Freelance Educator
  • Faculty/ Lecturer in Education Sector
  • Design Researcher

Alternatively, they could also become Entrepreneurs by joining hands with graduates from other design disciplines or other professionals like management etc. to work in the field like Learning, Knowledge, Teaching, Education etc.

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Design Academics & Research