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M.Des in Design Academics and Research

M.Des in Design Academics and Research is an intensive two-year master degree programme being offered under Prof. H. Kumar Vyas Design Chair department, MIT Institute of Design, Pune from the academic session 2022-23. The programme has been envisaged to provide an engaged and impactful learning experience to selected candidates through a substantive and comprehensive curriculum. Design Education plays a critical role in transformation as the design is a materially engaged, world-building activity. Design is complicit in the problems we are facing and informs and shapes how people live.

The unique curriculum seeks to provide a global perspective to the four-semester course, besides instilling in the candidates the fundamental values of inclusivity in the field of Design education. The specially designed post-graduate syllabus focuses on providing creative learning that includes the concept of the very idea of being a mentor, guide, faculty to student or mentee. The mentor's body of work experience suggests a way ahead which the mentee is currently facing- a creative block. The whole process of swimming through these blocks or rather “Unblocking” can be a great way to begin the flow. The course mainly focuses on the fundamentals of learning andragogy, modern trends in research methodology, leading to the completion of the mandatory requirement of executing a dissertation in the relevant chosen field of specialization. This exclusive course is geared around achieving educational outcomes that will influence Cognitive, Affective, and Social dimensions of design learning. The innovative course outline, with its strong research orientation and firm theoretical and practical foundations, uses cutting-edge technologies and field-based opportunities to prepare Design Education leaders of tomorrow.

Course Duration

Full-Time M.Des (2 Years) - 4 semester


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering /Architecture / Design / Interior Design or equivalent (4 years’ duration after 10+2)
  • Professional Diploma in Design (NID/CEPT or equivalent of 4 years’ duration after 10+2)
  • BFA (4 year professional programme after 10+2)
  • Master’s degree in Arts / Science / Computer Applications or equivalent (2 year programme after 10+2+3)


Candidate with minimum two years of experience.

Prof.Dimant Panchal   Sohnit Kumar    
Prof.Dhimant Panchal
Chair Professor,
Prof H Kumar Vyas Design Chair
Faculty Fellow Sohnit
Prof. H. Kumar Vyas Design Chair

Prof. Jatin Bhatt   Prof. Raghu Ananthanarayanan    
Prof. Jatin Bhatt
Prof. Raghu Ananthanarayanan

Course Structure
M.Des Programme
Semester 1  
Semester 2  
Semester 3  
Semester 4  

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Credits
GFNFD101 Design Overview  0
GFNFD102 Design Drawing 1  4
GFNFD103 Fundamentals of Design 1 (Colour) 3
GFNFD104 Fundamentals of Design 2 (Geometry) 1
GFNFD105 Fundamentals of Design 3 (Materials) 4
GFNDS106 Fundamentals of Design 4 (Form Space and Structure) 4
GFNDG107 Digital Methods 1 2
GFNDC108 Inter Design Studies 1 (Environ Exposure) 1

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Credits
GFNFD201 Design Drawing 2 : Freehand , Analytical & Perspective 3
GFNFD202 Fundamentals of Design 5 : Colour II 2
GFNFD203 Fundamentals of Design 6 : Solid Geometry 2
GFNFD204 Fundamentals of Design 7 : Three Dimensionalaties of Form , Space & Structure 3
GFNFD205 Fundamentals of Design 8 : Materials 3
GFNDS206 Digital Methods 2 : Advanced Image Processing and Vector Graphics Applications 1
GFNPR207 Design Process : Problem Solving 5
GFNDC208 Interdesign Studies 2 : Urban Environment Exposure  1

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPFD301 Design Drawing  4
GPFS302 Form Studies - Radii Manipulation 3
GPFD303 Basic Photography 1
GPFD304 Basic Typography 1
GPDG305 Digital Studies (CAD) 1
GPDC306 Introduction to Ergonomics  2
GPST307 Materials & Processes 2
GPDC308 Research Methods 2
GPPR309 Design Project - Simple Product Design 4

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPFD401 Design Drawing: Rendering Techniques 2
GPST402 Technology: Workshop Skills  & Working Model Making  5
GPFS403 Form Studies: Form Transition 2
GPST404 Technology: Advanced Manufacturing Processes  2
GPDC405 IDS: Everyday Science & Creative Intervention 3
GPPR406 Design Project  2 : Human-Product Interface 5
GPDG407 Digital Methods  : Advanced CAD  1

Semester 5

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPST501 Basic Mechanisms, Strength of Materials & Structures 2
GPPR502 Project: Techno-Aesthetic Detailing 4
GPDC503 History Of Industrial Design     1
GPPR504 Project: Design For Special Needs 6
GPDC505 Colour, Material, Finish and Trend Studies  3
GPDG506 Digital Methods: CAD/CAM 1
GPDG507 Digital Rendering: Wacom 2
GPDC508 Interdesign Studies : Travel 1

Semester 6

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPST601 Prototyping Electrical /Digital Technology 3
GPDC602 Product Semantics 2
GPPR603 Project: Technically Complex  Product 5
GPDC604 Open Elective 2
GPPR605 Packaging Design (With Graphic Design)  3
GPDC606 Interdesign Studies : Appropriate Economics  1
GPDC607 Design & Business 3
GPDG608 Digital Methods: CAD/CAM  1

Semester 7

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPPR701 Project: Nature-inspired Design 4
GPDC702 Design Ethnography 2
GPPR703 Project: Story-telling & Product Design 4
GPDC704 Green Design: Attitude to Sustainability 3
GPPR705 Project: System Design 7

Semester 8

Course Code Course Name Credits
GPPR801 Industrial Internship 4
GPPR802 Graduation Project 16

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Credits
PPPHFE101 Philosophical Foundation of Education and Design orientation 4
PPDR102 Design Recapitulation 3
PPDPDR103 Design Education Project and Advance Design Educational Research I 7
PPDET104 Design Educational Technology 3
PPMIP105 Mentoring & Industry Project 3

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Credits
PPPFE201 Psychological Foundation of Education 4
PPDEM202 Design Educational Management 2
PPDPDR203 Design Educational Project II and Advance Design Educational Research II 7
PPOAI204 Observational Studies, Assistance Ship & Industry Project 3
PPUDE205 Universal Design Education 4

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Credits
PPDPDR301 Design Education Project III and Advance Design Educational Research III 6
PPEDE302 Economics of Design Education 2
PPGCC303 Guidance/ Counselling/ Critiquing in Design Education 4
PPEA304 Evaluation and Assessment 2
PPDPLM307 Design Education Project IV and Development of Teaching and Learning Material 6

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Credits
PPPR401 Graduation Project 20
  The Possible Diections Could be one of the following:-  
  1) Developing a Four/Two Year Degree Program in Design  
  2) Developing Short Programmes for Specific Target Audiences. Ex- Design For Crime, Law etc  
  3) Developing Programmes for Any other Discipline by Taking Design Approach  
The M.Des in Design Academics and Research programme at MITID aim to produce leaders for design education with an insatiable zest for critical thinking and an avid urge for social reconstruction.
The graduates from the Design Academics and Research discipline will find a career as
  • Design Education Consultant
  • Curriculum Designer for EdTech Company
  • Learning and Development Professional
  • Freelance Educator
  • Faculty/ Lecturer in Education Sector
  • Design Researcher
Alternatively, they could also become Entrepreneurs by joining hands with graduates from other design disciplines or other professionals like management etc. to work in the field like Learning, Knowledge, Teaching, Education etc.