MIT Institute of Design
Gaurav Sharma
Asst. Prof. Gaurav Sharma
Interior Space and Furniture Design
Gaurav Sharma, an architect and furniture designer from NID, Ahmedabad by training, has operated in the field architecture, its environment and elements.
He is passionate about using design as a tool for bringing change. As a designer, he has always pursued meaningful work – projects that would affect positive change for people and their environments. It motivates him to collaborate with others which are both innovative and inspiring while placing true value on the sensitivities of each community and environment.
He has been part of a system for technology transfer, skill up‐gradation, design in-tervention, industrial production and setting up processes for
the related industries. He’s rendered services to Governmental as well as non‐governmental agencies as project developer, design consultant and has overseen final execution. In the pro-cess, he’s been instrumental in setting up enterprises for furniture, crafts and housing sectors.

He has directed focus on propagating sustainable built‐up environment using bam-boo for construction of habitable units and he’s regarded as a first few practitioners and innovators of the field. He’s been associated with national and international or-ganisations like National Mission on Bamboo Applications (NMBA) DST, GOI. Inter-national Mission for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR), Bamboo Society of India and In-dian forest research agencies for designing and delivering projects for demonstra-tion.
During his career operating as an Independent Design Professional, collaborating and consulting on variety of projects, some of the notable undertaking has been designing and delivering projects for tourism, retail, leisure, public spaces and fur-niture design domains.
Few mentionable projects are: Exhibition design and execution for NMBA at IITF was adjudged the best amongst Central Government displaying participants in 2006 and 2009, for in‐sync with the central theme of ITPO and projecting the im-age of bamboo based structures for contemporary urban landscape.
One of his recent works, Flat‐Pack Bamboo Habitable structure, won accolades and competition for architects at International Bamboo Conclave and Expo 2014, or-ganised by Bamboo Society of India, held at Bangalore.
He has partnered on INBAR project to design and training participants of a technical institute of Ethiopia, for alternative and affordable housing techniques.