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MITID™hosted the Annual Meet of SIAM Design and Styling this year. Design heads of major automobile companies in India attended the meet at MITID™
MIT Institute of Design has joined hands with Design Matrix with an aim to offer a strong platform to share innovative design concepts. To aspire to bring new ideas through regular issues and to focus on young students and their creativity and pedagogues.
Debate Competition by DESIGN MATRIX

Debate Competition by DESIGN MATRIX

We are very happy to announce that a team of four of our students of Sem 7 & Sem 9 ISFD have won a Debate Competition Organised By DESIGN MATRIX magazine. The students being:

Paridhi Kajaria
Shrinidhi Ramakrishnan
Tanvi Kulkarni &
Shemal Pandya

The debate was conceptualized in collaboration with columnist & international designer Harsha Kotak. It involved selected final 2 teams (each team of 8 students – 4 from each college)

Team A: Nirmala Niketan College & Raheja College (4 students from each college)

Team B: Rachna Sansad College & MITID Pune (4 students from each college)
The topic for Debate was:

Open Plan VS Enclosed Private Offices All the team members were required to send a write-up & do research on given guidelines. The judges for the event were: Ms. Harsha Kotak, Mr. Manohar Jhunjhunwala, Ms. Aparna Piramal, Ar. Ninad Tipnis, & Mr. Anant Bhat.