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MITID™hosted the Annual Meet of SIAM Design and Styling this year. Design heads of major automobile companies in India attended the meet at MITID™
MIT Institute of Design has joined hands with Design Matrix with an aim to offer a strong platform to share innovative design concepts. To aspire to bring new ideas through regular issues and to focus on young students and their creativity and pedagogues.
YUJ Design Uxplorer Winner 2017

YUJ Design Uxplorer Winner 2017

YUJ Designs, Pune organises a UI/ UX competition for students every year called “Uxplorer” for which students are required to take up any problem of their choice and come up with a conceptual design that solves the same problem.

This year, Vinayak Bhandare & Pushkar Dhande, the PG UX Design students, grabbed Bronze Award in the competition among entries from colleges like IIT Kanpur and IIT Guwahati. The topic was related to systematic packing of household materials. Their app, “Carry Mantra”, is a platform of Blue collar worker’s training in packing and moving industry which provides guidelines to complete safety of items during shifting and guidelines for packing. The app helps learners to track their progress. It provides personalized assistance for learner, if system assistance fails. The evaluation of each exercise is performed by learner itself.

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