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Gaurav Nandi bags 1st prize for his vehicle design at the Auto Expo 2016

Gaurav Nandi – final year PG Transportation Design student won the 1st prize at the Automotive Design Challenge contest. The contest was organized by SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers') and the prize was announced at the 10th SIAM Styling & Design Conclave held during the Auto Expo 2016 at Greater Noida.

The theme of the competition was Futuristic Design and required students to design vehicles to explore Kepler-186f; an exoplanet which is 490 light years from the earth and has been found to be habitable.

The participants were asked to design one of the three types of vehicles- Scout (for excursion for a few short hours), Explorer (four wheeled exploration vehicle for morning to evening excursion) and Axle (for exploring far reaches).

Gaurav designed a 4 wheeled explorer vehicle for the scientists to explore and for research purposes for the planet Kepler 186f. The planet is 490 light year away and his vehicle E.X.T.R.O.S.S-extra terrestrial over surface scanning system is grown in the planet itself, rather than taken from earth as a whole. The vehicle will be made up of nano-bots and genetically modified algae which is grown in that planet and can be used to extract harmful gases from air. These gases are then converted into energy to run the vehicle. The more it runs, the more it cleanses the air, which will help the future human settlements. This vehicle can accommodate upto 6 people, and has a closed cockpit for the pilot. The wheels have drones fitted to it, which forms a temporary bridge if necessary for the extross to cross any trench. The wheel also has algae seeds which deploys on the ground, which helps to replenish the algae storage.

SIAM is the apex body of the Indian vehicle manufacturers, organises the Automotive Design Challenge Competition for young and aspiring engineering and design students from around the country.