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Nikita Chandekar PG Product Design has won the 1st Prize at Mini Design Workshop
MIT Institute of Design students develop innovative shopping bag- Hangbag
Three students of MIT Institute of Design have come up with an innovative solution that gives a new lease of life to the shopping bags...

Student from MIT Institute of Design won First Prize in Mini Design Workshop 2013 on Nature-Inspired Design at IIITDM Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Nikita Chandekar, a design student pursuing her postgraduate studies in Product Design at of MIT Institute of Design, Pune. Under the Guidance of Prof. Sanjay Jain, Head-Product Design, Nikita came up with an idea of ECO BHEL – THE ZERO WASTE PACKAGING PROJECT.

Shedid this project as a part of her classroom project on Simple Product Design for "Greener Nation" through improving Livelihood of people.
While doing her projectNikita started working on Edible Packaging for Bhel, having a closer look at Mumbai – which is known for its Bhel Puri. Bhel is served in disposable cones out of paper or leaf or Styrofoam plates.Since dustbins are not installed everywhere in India, consumers tend to litter on roads and beaches and public places. The concept was to develop a product packaging solution keepingthisscenario in mind so that the packaging could be perceived and consumed as food itself. Also in order to retain the essence of eating Bhel on the move, it was necessary for the form of the packaging to be ergonomically suitable to carry and eat while in motion.


Nikita Chandekar PG Product Design has won the 1st Prize at Mini Design Workshop

People will enjoy and relish the unconventional idea of eating Bhel in a cone. This project when adopted by all the Bhel vendors, from beaches, trains and roads, can help reduce the annual paper and Styrofoam consumption and thus help us take a step closer to our aim of a "GREENER NATION".