MIT Institute of Design


Education at MIT Institute of Design has been thought in a very broad manner to belong to three domains.

The first is the domain of skill. These are those design skills and design tools that should help students communicate convincingly the outcome of every stage of the design process. For this, they will learn to employ all necessary media and materials. If one has to look for a concept from the Indian philosophy that has an equivalence with this domain, that would be the concept of Sadhan.

The second is the domain of knowledge. It pertains the knowledge base the students must acquire from subject areas of varying nature. From this base, should flow meticulously gathered and researched information needed during the entire problem solving process. Again, an equivalent concept from the Indian philosophy to represent this domain would be Sadhana.

It is the third domain of formation that becomes the vital core of the design process. The total and composite learning from this domain is meant to make students think laterally and innovatively, develop, design concepts and translate the concept into a tangible form which in fact is the very solution of the stated problem of design. The equivalent concept from the Indian philosophy obviously, is Sadhya.