MIT Institute of Design
Shireesh Kathale
Asst. Prof. Shireesh

Graphic Design
Shireesh Kathale, a fine arts graduate from Nagpur University, having a number of solo exhibitions and a music album to his credit. He has even been an art director, music director and a lyricist for an art film 'Appa Akka' made for an International film festival. Apart from being a sensitive artist he is a musician, plays a number of instruments at ease, and writes poetry and songs.
He has worked with Late Dr. Baba Amte, the Magsesay Award winner and a well known founder of Anandwan, for 4 years, as an artist and a teacher for the blind, deaf and mute and handicapped children. He has illustrated all the posters for Knit India March, organized by Baba Amte in 1985.
The cycle march was the result of Peace by Peace mission of the youth of India and was taken from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Arunachalam to Porbandar.

In 1988 to 1989 he worked as a freelance artist in Gujarat state.
From 1989 to 2009 he was teaching drawing and painting at Sanjeewan Vidyalaya, Panchgani. There he did number of experiments with variety of material apart from just colors. He created a lot of murals depicting spiritual values of human life, on the walls of Sanjeewan Vidyalaya handling various materials like PoP, tiles etc. He has organized seminars and workshops on Art and Craft for various age groups, right from children to adults and even for villagers.
He has recycled the industrial waste and tried to employ it as not only an art material but can also be used as a substitute of wood. Which, at present, is the need of the country.

Specially the bamboo roots! He has designed many lamps and creative furniture out of these roots. Many of them are in the collection of noted personalities such as First lady of Portugal. Mr. Shireesh has designed a musical instrument too from the bamboo, which can be tuned to any Raga.
He is working on many other possible musical instruments from this versatile material.
Past 18 to 19 years he is working on the bamboo roots and its decorative and utility potentials. He has explored a verity of applications such as lamps and furniture and even musical instruments. He is recently working on the series of bamboo roots in drawing and painting and intends to showcase them in his forthcoming exhibitions.