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Vishwasheela Innovation Fellowship ( VIF )

The Vishwasheela Innovation Fellowship is a global program that supports and enables highly motivated individuals to achieve success. VIF has a unique ecosystem which will include expert & experienced mentors, stakeholder organisations, state of art prototyping facilities, R & D setup, business support systems and access to funding.

The program has an emphasis to develop an innovation mindset through Design, emerging technologies & business by leading minds of industry and academia. The program will admit candidates who are motivated and capable to drive technology projects in any of the identified sectors.

Aspiring innovators, agile technocrats, experiential learners who want to create disruptive solutions and leap frog to have an orbital shifting career are welcome to apply! VIF will enable the innovators to reimagine the world with a paradigm shift in their critical thinking through Design and Technology for Business.

Programme Structure

We believe Innovation at VIF is a multimodal process which gives enough flexibility to the innovator to choose either a design idea, technology intervention or business opportunity as a starting point. The innovership model is created to use appropriately depending upon the type of project the innovators embarks on.

Vishwasheela Innovation Fellowship is a three trimester program which includes the following constituents

8 Weeks Learners will experience 2-3 immersions in the chosen field spread over the first two trimesters

i. Social : Traveling to a place of social relevance and spending time in understanding its demographics

ii. Industrial : Spending time in the company of your choice to understand the nuances of the technology or business operations as required

26 weeks Learners will undergo an extensive hands on structured sessions by experts from Industry and academia from the field of Design, Technology and Business

Courses Offered

Course Title Course Description
00 Innovation Mind Shift
D1 Re/search (Di -KID)
D2 Design Driven Innovation
D3 Visual thinking / Don’t Talk. Show
D4 Faking, Hacking & Making
T1 Technology for future
T2 Technology Mapping
T3 Tech in product and services
T4 Tech and economics/ business
B1 Customer experience studio
B2 Strategic Transformative Innovations


Innovership pillars Innovation Stages VIF Taught Inputs
Screen Idea Germination D1 T1 D2
User Study / Research B1 D1 T2 D3
Screen Idea Positioning D2 D3 T3
Support Business Case B1 T3
Show Prototyping D4 T4
Show User Validation D4
Scale Go to Market Strategy B2
Scale Financial Strategy & Business Model B2 T4

First two trimesters of 4 months will have a mini project to evaluate the learnings of that trimester. The last trimester will have the graduation project,16 weeks. Opportunity to integrate and apply the learnings from the immersion and classroom taught inputs. The innovator can choose a project to tackle an existing corporate problem or take up a passion project to convert it into a new venture.


Innovership @ Vishwasheela Innovation is the mindset shift which will help innovators to acquire the next best practice for organisational growth – working as part of a organisation or starting on their own. Innovership is a unique approach that combines elements of entrepreneurial ecosystem and principles and models of innovation to enable innovators realise their potential.

Standard is boring. How big can you think? Do you have a crazy idea that has been shot down? Are you a non-conformist? Have you failed at anything? How bad/hard have you failed? VIF measures your deviation from normal and attaches a premium to such non-standard deviation. At the time of your application you will be assessed on these parameters and if you can convince us. Welcome to VIF

To win you must start to play. Once in the VIF program, the game starts. You choose the game and you may choose the rules to play. Either you work consistently and cross all the hurdles and win OR you pole vault yourselves into success. Do you use your inner strengths and capabilities to cross hurdles or use an external pole to propel yourself to the next level? The choice is yours. Whatever choice you make VIF will back you up with whatever you need. First 8 months of the program you undergo rigorous coaching and practice that help you discover and develop your capabilities. A dedicated set of no-nonsense mentors, start-up founders, investment advisors and domain experts will be available to help you set your goals and develop a roadmap. Running and jumping is your responsibility.

Seeing is believing. It’s time to put up the show. To show you have to build. If you can make it, make it; if you can’t, fake it. Show must go on. Next 4 months of the program is when you make your aspiration / vision a reality. Experiment, plan, implement, make, break, hack, remake. Repeat. These 4 months is the most defining phase of the program. Only the brave enter this and there is no coming back. Once into this phase you have to put in your sweat, blood and tears and we will put in all whatever it takes to make you succeed. This phase you get the all the mentorship on opportunity mapping, market sizing, product management. The focus here is on building the right product and all the support on prototyping, growth hacking and business modelling is provided to make things happen and getting the venture off the ground.

Once a Vishwasheela Innovator forever a Vishwasheela Innovator. No thanks. Philosophy of the Vishwasheela Innovation program is to create independent thinkers. The program prepares to build a sustainable and scalable idea that can support yourself and you can in turn support others. As a VIF alumnus you continue to get preferential access to the ecosystem but the intent is help you grow bigger and scale new heights. Funding, business development support, mentorship etc all of its available but we would want you NOT to take it. Thanks again.

innovership pillars