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Asst. Prof. Ketan Shimpi


Ketan Shimpi

Asst. Prof. Ketan Shimpi

Design Management

Ketan Shimpi, with a notable background as an experience designer at Infosys and a Master’s degree in UX design, brings a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to the academic realm.

Having worked at Infosys, a renowned global technology company, Ketan has gained extensive hands-on experience in designing exceptional user experiences. This practical industry experience gives Ketan a unique perspective, allowing him to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world applications in the field of design.

With a specialization in digital product design and user research, he possesses a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between design, technology and user needs. His mastery of UX design principles and methodologies enables him to impart valuable insights to students and guide them in creating innovative and user-centered digital experiences.

Business studies and strategies also play a significant role in Ketan’s expertise, as he understands the importance of design management within the broader organizational context. His knowledge of business principles and strategies equips students with a comprehensive understanding of how design can drive business success and create a competitive advantage.

As an assistant professor, Ketan Shimpi inspires students to embrace design thinking, develop strong problem-solving skills, and excel in the dynamic field of design. With their industry experience, academic acumen, and emphasis on creativity and business studies, Ketan is shaping the next generation of design professionals and preparing them for successful careers in the ever-evolving design landscape.