MIT Institute of Design

Twinning Programme

The Twinning programme is for progression of an MITID student to another overseas university. MITID has several international partner universities in countries like U.S.A, UK etc. These partners have signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) wherein students study with MITID for the initial few semesters and then move to the partner university to complete their course and earn an international degree.
The twinning programme for MITID students are currently of 3 types: (2+2), (3+1+1) & (4+1). (2+2) is exclusively for Undergraduate degree. (3+1+1) is applicable to UG students who aspire to study further (Masters programme) and gain the benefit of International degrees both for UG & PG. (4+1) is for MITID Graduate students who wish to do their Masters abroad.

U.G. Programmes (2+2 years)

U.G. Programmes (3+1+1 years)

P.G. Programmes(4+1 years)