MIT Institute of Design



Design education at MITID relies on a very thriving and vibrant culture where in the students organizes and participate in multiple activities that go beyond the academics. This not only helps them to become a well rounded professional but also a good human being who is response to its immediate socio-cultural environment. Some of the activities on the campus are as below


A massive fest spanning a week filled with a delightful mélange of International Workshops and Seminars, Design and fun - filled Events, Cultural Evening, Installations, Merchandising and Exhibitions. QUASAR aims at bringing together our family of over 1,100 members, facilitating interactions between various design schools and firms across the country.

iDid - Design Store

iDid is MIT ID's very own design store and a student initiative, founded in 2009. It is an avenue for learners to showcase their ideas/concepts and take it to the next level. iDid aims at establishing itself by having a retail store, multiple outlets in future and having it's own incubation centre.

H!VE - Official Newsletter

H!VE is MIT-ID's newsletter that has been running since 2009. An initiative that started as a 2-page newsletter has now grown to become a 16-page booklet and has also spanned into the digital media with an archive blog (, a wordpress blog dedicated to prose and news in MIT-ID ( and a facebook page ( )


24 fps, a perennial student initiative, showcases great films spanning various genres and regions from across the globe, thus engaging learners with new cultures and ideologies; contributing to the evolution of a unique design culture at MIT ID.


Seekh is a student run initiative, with the motive to take learning beyond the classroom. Established in 2013, it provides a platform to engage learners in colloquial interactions. It was founded to create a design habitat that brings together students, alumni, faculty, designers and inspiring individuals. Seminars, workshops & talks range anywhere from portfolio making to astronomy. The idea is to make the design learning experience more holistic by learning from everyone.