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Asst. Prof. Ashish Sheje


Ashish Sheje

Asst. Prof. Ashish Sheje

Animation Design

Ashish is a skilled Pre-production Artist & 2D animation professional, and dedicated educator, who combines practical experience with teaching prowess. Proficient in traditional and digital animation, Ashish is committed to inspiring the next wave of animators.

Ashish has acquired a Master of Arts Degree from Rabindranath Tagore University, graduated from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, he has done Diploma in Art and Animation from The College of Animation Bioengineering & Research Center Amravati in 2007,

With a distinguished career spanning over 15+ years, Ashish embarked on his journey as an in-between/Cleanup artist and Pre-production artist at Sixth Sense Animation Studio. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills and risen through the ranks, taking on roles such as Character Designer and Storyboard Artist for various studios. His versatility and depth of knowledge have made him a sought-after talent in the industry.

Ashish’s impact in the field of animation education is equally noteworthy. His experience as a senior faculty member at prestigious institutes including Inurture Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Ajeenkya D Y Patil University, Pune), Assam Downtown University (Guwahati), Reliance AIMS – Animation Infotainment and Media School, IACG (International Academy of Computer Graphics, Hyderabad), Ants Animation Training School (Chandigarh), Frameboxx, and Animaster College of Animation and Design (Gurgaon) has left an indelible mark on countless aspiring animators.

Ashish’s teaching philosophy is rooted in his genuine passion for nurturing creative minds. He believes in fostering an environment where students can explore their artistic potential and develop practical skills that are aligned with industry demands. His approach combines hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge, and real-world insights, ensuring that his students are well-prepared to excel in the competitive field of animation.

Ashish’s ultimate vision is to contribute to the growth and evolution of the animation industry by empowering the next generation of animators. His dedication to both his craft and his students serves as an inspiration, creating a ripple effect that positively impacts the world of animation.