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Asst. Prof. Devendra Mayekar


Devendra Mayekar

Asst. Prof. Devendra Mayekar

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Devendra Mayekar is a distinguished design professional with over 20+ years of expertise in crafting immersive brand spatial environments. Specializing in exhibition spaces, experience centers, and retail environments, Devendra has left an indelible mark on the industry through his creative vision and meticulous execution. His career journey has taken him across continents, managing and executing projects in India and Europe. With exposure to over 15+ countries across Europe , Middle East , Asia, and Southeast Asia, Devendra brings a global perspective to his work, infusing his designs with cultural nuances and international trends.

In addition to his stellar career in design, Devendra has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey over the past three years. As the Founder and Managing Director  of his own food brand catering to the Indian market , he has demonstrated a keen understanding of consumer preferences and market dynamics. Through strategic branding and innovative marketing initiatives, Devendra has successfully positioned his brand as a frontrunner in the competitive Indian food industry.


As a faculty member at MIT Design, Devendra Mayekar  is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of design leaders. His blend of practical experience, industry knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit enriches the learning experience for students, empowering them to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in brand spatial environments. Devendra’s passion for design excellence and his commitment to mentorship make him an invaluable asset to the MIT Design community, inspiring students to make a meaningful impact in the world of design.