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Asst. Prof. Esha Sulakhe


Esha Sulakhe

Asst. Prof. Esha Sulakhe

Design Management

She is a food designer by profession, who actively enjoys learning, exploring and talking about the parallels between food and design through research, interactions, observations and multi-sensory experiences. She believes that design is the pattern in which humans live their lives and she works towards creating better patterns. Her academic journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and insatiable curiosity, as she embarks on a Ph.D. in Food Design, a field that beautifully melds her appreciation for food with her design sensibilities.

Before her academic pursuits, Esha’s career took an intriguing twist as she ventured into the corporate world, where she served as a Lead Experience Designer at Infosys. Her time at Infosys allowed her to harness her creative prowess in designing holistic experiences. This experience added a unique dimension to her design journey, where she applied her expertise to craft experiences in the world of design and technology.

She holds a Master’s degree in Design Management from MIT Institute of Design and a Dual Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts from ITM University & Queen Margaret University. Esha’s earlier years were marked by her role as a pastry chef, where she artfully crafted delectable confections that delighted the senses of many. However, her insatiable thirst for exploration and learning led her to discover the captivating parallels between design and food. Esha is a fervent advocate for design sustainability and actively revels in exploring and discussing the intriguing importance of the same.