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Asst. Prof. Mahesh Nagarkar


Asst. Prof. Mahesh Nagarkar


Mahesh has a versatile background starting his journey with a Diploma in Mech. Engineering from STES, Pune to subsequently completing his BA and MA in Automotive Design from Coventry University, UK. Before joining MIT-ID in 2020, Mahesh, while pursuing his BA was the lead designer for Coventry University’s in house EV sports car development projects. Later on he worked on collaborative projects with SAIC Design Advanced, London and then at Land Rover SVO, Gaydon. In both the studios he was part of the Advanced Design team, primarily responsible for concept design development. He was also the runner-up for the 2018 SAIC Design Challenge Europe. Mahesh specializes in automotive concept development, digital modelling and visualization. He also has a keen interest in visual storytelling and UX.