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Asst. Prof. Pallavi Nath


Pallavi Nath

Asst. Prof. Pallavi Nath

Fashion Design


Born and brought up in Sivasagar, Assam. Pallavi is driven by curiosity to learn and create new products and experiment with different materials. She is eager and constantly working to develop her hands-on skills. Pallavi also believes that new experiences teach one a lot. She has done her double graduation in fine arts and sociology and post-graduation in painting from MIT School of Fine Arts and Applied arts. Pallavi has 8 yrs. Of experience, 3 yrs. in academics and 5 yrs. in industry. She is learning a bit of digital work to enhance her skill sets. Pallavi’s quality of learning new things from the situation and surroundings makes her more efficient. Currently, she is working on handmade bamboo products & jewellery out of fabrics. Her other hands-on skills include MDF product design, Natural dyeing, Blook Printing, Hand stitching, painting, illustration, doodling, and print and pattern design. Pallavi also writes articles, poems, and stories published in local Assamese newspapers. She believes that learning has no age.