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Asst. Prof. Sumi Alice Saji


Sumi Alice Saji

Asst. Prof. Sumi Alice Saji

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Sumi holds a Master of Technology in Computer Science Engineering from Christ University, Bangalore. She commenced her professional journey as a Software Engineer at Accenture Services, specializing in the Siebel CRM Administration. During her tenure, she contributed to two global projects, showcasing her expertise and proficiency in the field. Her contributions to the field have been recognized with the Accenture Celebrates Excellence Numero Uno Award for Contribution to Delivery Excellence in the individual category.

Furthermore, Sumi is an esteemed alumna of Christ University, Bangalore, and has also served as a teaching faculty member post her academic pursuits. Her commitment to education extended beyond her alma mater, as she also imparted knowledge at PES University, Bangalore. Her research areas include Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Application Design, Web Application Design, System Architecture and Database Design.

Sumi’s diverse experiences in both industry and academia have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of computer science engineering, making her a valuable asset in any professional setting. Her skillset encompasses various programming languages, including C, C++, Java, Kotlin and Python, as well as scripting languages like HTML and JavaScript, and proficiency in Database Management Systems. Beyond her professional pursuits, Sumi is a passionate worship singer who finds joy in reading books, exploring new destinations through travel, indulging in artistic endeavours such as paintings and crafts.

International Journal Publication:

Sumi Alice Saji, Balachandran K, Comparative study of various training algorithms of Artificial Neural Networks on Diabetes dataset in International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication (ISSN: 2321-8169)

International Conference Publication:

 Sumi Alice Saji, Balachandran K, Performance Analysis of Training Algorithms of Multilayer Perceptrons in Diabetes Prediction published in IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering and Applications