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Asst. Prof. Tanvee Anturkar


Tanvee Anturkar

Asst. Prof. Tanvee Anturkar

Interior Space & Furniture Design

Tanvee Anturkar academic journey and professional experiences have been an exciting exploration of the design world, and she is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and insights with her students.

Tanvee completed her Bachelor’s degree in Retail and Exhibition Design at the renowned MIT Institute of Design. During her academic pursuits, she embarked on a transformative thesis project in Bangkok, Thailand, which significantly broadened her horizons and deepened her passion for the art of design while motivating her to learn further.

Continuing her pursuit of knowledge, she earned a Master of Science in Interior Architecture from Thomas Jefferson University of the Built Environment in Philadelphia, USA. During her time in the United States, Tanvee earned the opportunity to participate in a study abroad program in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, where she delved into global design perspectives and their harmonious integration with traditional architecture and design principles.

Tanvee’s professional path has been characterised by diversity and engagement, spanning work experiences in both the United States and India. Her industry experience encompasses a wide spectrum of commercial interior spaces, including hospitality, residential, retail, corporate, institutional, and medical environments. She has contributed her skills and learnings to diverse projects, honing her design capabilities and gaining insight into the intricacies of design in various contexts.

In her design journey, Tanvee has cultivated a profound interest in several key areas. She is dedicated to understanding the impact of the built environment on human emotions and behaviours, exploring the captivating realm of human experience through space design. Tanvee also possesses a passion for communicating and expressing through the written word, demonstrating her penchant for creative writing. She firmly believes in the transformative power of colour and pattern in spaces, viewing them as tools that can breathe life and vibrancy into environments. Furthermore, her fascination with the intersection of fashion and design has led her to explore the art of fashion styling, where she finds exciting connections and inspiration for her work.

Entering the realm of education, Tanvee’s primary mission is to empower her students to become proficient designers. She aims to achieve this by emphasising collaborative learning, exposing her students to diverse global design perspectives, and promoting a comprehensive approach to design thinking. Her ultimate goal is to cultivate a forward-thinking mind-set in her students, equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the ever-evolving field of design.

To remain connected with the dynamic landscape of the industry, she is actively involved in freelance turnkey design projects. This commitment allows her to stay abreast of the evolving nuances of design and enrich the learning journey of her students with real-world experiences.