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Asst. Prof. Twarita Kulkarni


twarita kulkarni

Asst. Prof. Twarita Kulkarni

Twarita Kulkarni is a passionate space designer with a deep-rooted interest in early childhood care and education. Furthermore, Twarita has a profound appreciation for traditional art and craft. She recognizes the cultural significance and inherent beauty found in age-old techniques and handicrafts.

With an illustrious career in the field, she has consistently demonstrated her exceptional skill for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional environments. While Ms. Kulkarni has explored the realm of residential and luxury space design, she has recently embarked on a new journey exploring the areas of early childhood care and education. Her passion for nurturing young minds and preserving cultural heritage has led her to delve into these domains, seeking to create meaningful and inspiring spaces for children’s growth and learning.

In addition to her professional achievements, Ms. Kulkarni has been actively engaged in mentoring for the past four years.
Beyond her design pursuits, her attention to detail and artistic sensibility shine through as she creates enchanting and visually captivating arrangements during festivals, functions etc that leave a lasting impression on attendees. Moreover, Ms. Kulkarni nurtures her passion for nature through gardening and green spaces. She finds solace in creating harmonious outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend natural beauty with functional design elements.

With her experience in residential and luxury space design, newfound exploration in early childhood care and education and traditional art forms, mentoring endeavour’s, and a deep appreciation for aesthetics and nature, Ms. Twarita Kulkarni is an adaptable and a proficient professional who continues to push the boundaries.