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Prof. Anand Belhe

MIT Institute of Design

Mr Anand graduated in Industrial Design, Furniture Design from NID in 1987. He continued his education for 3 years in the field of Architecture from “Die Angewandte” Vienna. Designed the first ever plastic injection moulded chair in India for Bright Brothers ltd. He Pioneered the process of Laminate “Postforming” in 1992. Mr Anand has designed- manufactured furniture and building products for many Indian as well as international companies. He had the honour of designing and manufacturing the prestigious office of Tata group chairman Ratan Tata at Bombay house. Mr Anand has designed and manufactured products for Citibank, Airtel, Reliance, Elf Lubricants, Morgan Stanley, Tisco, Indiagas, Jindal steel and many more. He has designed and manufactured Furniture for the Food and Drug administration, Maharashtra State government, Sony, Fiat ,CEX and Sleek

The unique position to be the designer and the manufacturer has given him vast insights in the field of furniture and building products. He is comfortable working with various materials be it wood, metal, plastics and composites or any processes including digital fabrication. This ability to bring Design Expertise and manufacturing insights to the drawing board makes him a very unique creator and innovator. Mr Anand holds several acclaims and patents in this field.

He has been a part of the several juries of Design competitions, both locally as well as internationally. In 2021 he was on the Jury of the prestigious Lexus Design Awards competition.

He was Professor and Dean at the Faculty of Design at CEPT University Ahmedabad between 2017 till 2022. He was instrumental in starting the Bachelor of Design and the Masters in Building Products and Systems program at CEPT.

He continues his journey on the board of Flexform Postforming India Pvt Ltd, since 1992 & Bele-Drain System Pvt ltd, since Jan 2010 and as a Design Director at Elephant Design Pvt Ltd, since 2022 in his consultative capacity.