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Communication campaign for Indo-European Chamber of Commerce & Industry by MITID™ student Vivek Dwivedi

Vivek Dwivedi , final year student form Graphic Design has developed the entire Communication campaign for the women empowerment cell SHE of Indo-European Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IECCI-SHE).
Indo-European Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IECCI) is an independent, non-government and not-for-profit business support and socio-economic development organization having Special Consultative Status of Economic and Social Council of United Nations.
SHE cell of Indo-European Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IECCI-SHE) is a cell dedicated to integrated development of the women through its bouquet of services including gender equality, research, studies, training, capacity building, networking, business development, social issues pertaining to women and advocacy and lobbying.

In the backdrop of the heinous crime crimes against women , other acts showing disrespect towards women and numerous examples of gender inequalities which has roots its roots in society, IECCI- has decided to launch the programme: “Purple March…. For Respect of Women”
“Right to Equality” is the basic right of every human being. But still it is denied to most of the females and this discrimination starts right from home. The social roots of these gender inequalities springs up in the form of female foeticide, illiteracy, dowry, domestic violence, sexual abuse, crime and violence against women and in other forms of verbal and non-verbal- discrimination.
Through Purple March, we are demanding the basic thing and that is “RESPECT”. The voices raising are saying just one thing- Stop objectifying a women and respect her, respect the source of your evolution.
We firmly believe that moral values comes from home and if the parents inculcate a feeling of “Respect for Women” in their children than upto great extent we can control the crime/violence against women.
Social change requires continuous hammering and is not a single day task. For this social cause and positive change, we need to reach the masses and touch their hearts and shake their conscious.

Significance of Name and tag line:

Pink symbolizes women/feminism and blue symbolizes males/masculinity. When both colour mixes and walk together it forms “Purple”. And this is the march of both gender for a healthy and happy world where women is respected.