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MITID Innovation Programme

MIT ID Innovation Program is a 1-year program for self-driven and passionate individuals who aspire to create innovative products, services and businesses for today’s and future world.

MITID IP essentially combines Technology, Design and Business to develop a holistic approach towards innovation. The program is designed for graduates and working professionals from diverse creative, technical and social sciences backgrounds. The program structure is fully project based with a heavy emphasis on imparting practical and hands-on knowledge. The faculty for the program are innovators, designers, technology professionals, young entrepreneurs and experienced industry leaders. Each faculty brings a unique perspective based on their experience and background and acts a mentor for the projects that the students undertake as a part of the program.

In an interdisciplinary environment, the program converges together frameworks of business studies, social sciences, design thinking and technology. With multiple formats of collaborations built into the program the students are prepared to take up roles of innovators, designers, technologists and strategists.


MITID Innovation 1 yr Programme


Graduation in any discipline.

Fee Structure:

INR 6, 00,000 (Taxes Included)


1 Year. Full time residential program

(August 2023 to August 2024)

Curriculum Overview

Through hands on projects focussed at delivering holistic solutions and ‘immersion’ windows that allow for interactions with relevant industries and user groups, the program ensures rigorous projects that span various themes relevant to our times. Students get to choose themes pertaining to a wide range of topics based on their interest and capabilities. Students would go through half a year of faculty-initiated projects spanning human centred design, business studies, digital and physical product design and development, trends forecasting, technology futures and scientific research and development. This will be followed by a 20-week major project led by the students to apply the learnings and deliver a strong, impactful, innovative solution.

The program is spread over 50 weeks during which students undergo a variety of learning experiences in the form of taught courses, workshops, boot camps, masterclasses, research trips and most importantly the projects.

One of the important component of the program is the immersion experience that provides the students an opportunity to discover their inner potential and reflect on their learning and progress in the program. The aim of immersions is to achieve clarity about technological possibilities to make an idea feasible, about the people and society that one is designing for and about realising a student’s own potential in making the change they wish to make.

Curriculum Details

The curriculum is developed by a team of young and dynamic innovators and designers under the guidance of experienced industry and academic professionals. The program is delivered through rigorous projects continuously supported and mentored by industry experts and faculty members.

1. Innovation Mindshift

This module will establish the premise that innovation is cognitive activity and innovation requires one to shift from a conventional way of thinking to a mindset of experimentation and learning by doing.

2. P0- Dashlessdash

An introductory project that gives students a free reign to come up with a valid business / design / technology solution in diverse groups, helping them unlearn what they know and add a holistic approach towards innovation.

3. P1- Human Centred Innovation

Students will work with various organisations and establishments that work closely on social topics to deliver relevant solutions understanding pain points of the people they are designing for. This will culminate in a business-style innovation pitch.

4. P2: World 4.0

Starting from mapping political, economic, social and technological trends, students will forecast their versions of a future world and extrapolate human interactions, products and services in each. They would then present solutions through various media.

5. P3: Making with Digits

This is a digital and physical product design and development course that culminates in prototypes and an exhibition. Students will work on brand values and emerging technologies to deliver robust prototypes to demonstrate their ideas.

6. Major Project

Working solo, or in groups of two, students will spend the second half of their VIF journey coming up with a strong major project that applies everything they’ve learnt so far, in a rigorous structure to deliver a holistic innovation. This output would demonstrate what moves them in the world that they live in and their technological, design and business prowess to achieve the change they are dreaming of.

Placements & Internships

MIT ID is proud of our student talent and these bright minds always strive for a better future. A dedicated Industry Relations Department has an excellent track record of placing students in reputed companies. It focuses on bringing the most relevant professional opportunities for the learners and creates a platform that brings diverse sectors of industry and learners together.

The Industry Relations team in co-ordination with faculty members, provides guidance to learners to make judicious choices about their career and professional

Roles and Job profiles

Types of Organizations


Prof. Dr. Nachiket Thakur

Associate Prof. Harshit Desai

Director - Innovation Program

Asst. Prof. Sohnit Kumar

Design Academics & Research

Asst. Prof. Vinit Tamhankar

Innovation Design

Visiting FACULTY