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Lockmet designed by Saumya Arora was featured in “Tuvie design for the future”

Lockmet designed by Saumya Arora alumni of MIT Institute of Design. She was featured in “Tuvie design for the future”.

Lockmet is a unique blend of two products in one. It is a fresh take on folding helmets and bike locks. It has been developed to function for both. When you are done biking and have reached your destination, just take your helmet off and lock your bike with it in two easy steps. No need to carry the helmet while you run errands or worry about storing it.

This design also benefits people who like biking but don’t like to wear helmets as they are a pain to carry around or store. The rim of the helmet has been isolated and incorporated with a lock (can easily be opened with special key) to provide with maximum area to lock. While the folded part forms a shell around the padding to protect it from rain or snow.

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