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Mobile App Design Contest Winner Varsha Gupta

Varsha Gupta student of Graphic Design, won the app design contest hosted by UNICEF and IIT Delhi for the campaign “Take Poo to the Loo”. This campaign is to fight Open Defecation in India.

Varsha also represented young India and spoke about how the young people can participate to end Open Defecation. The expert from Varsha’s interview with the press is mentioned here “”Young people, represent not only the present but the future of this country. We have dreams, many, but a very important one is that of a clean and healthy India free of open defecation. We recognize that we have a duty as citizens to raise our voice and support the efforts to end this practice. By contributing to the much needed buzz around sanitation issues, we aspire to act as catalysts for change and put pressure on all the different actors who can put an end to open defecation.”

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