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Paper on "Reviving Modi-Script" by Asst. Prof. Rajendra Thakre in Typography 2014

Rajendra presented recently a paper on “Reviving Modi-Script” at Typoday 2014. The presentation was well appreciated. He was guided by Prof. Mahendra Patel. He wishes to thank MIT Institute of Design and Prof. Ranjana Dani for their support.

Abstract :
Modi-script” are concrete examples of the humanistic and artistic activity of the past. This cultural treasure is supported to serve as a source of inspiration and information to the present generation. “Modi-manuscript” speaks of the past, reveals history, unfolds perspectives and reflects the social, political and cultural senses of its time. ‘Modi script’ is one of the scripts used to write Marathi language and is primarily used to write scriptures of Maharashtra in Western India. Modi Script is known by this name in Maharashtra for last 700 years. Modi script was refined by Hemadpant during the time of Mahadev and Ramdev Yadav (1260 – 1309). It was used for writing until 1950, but because of its difficulty in printing its use was stopped and Devnagari (Balbodh) was used for writing Marathi. In this context, there is scope for reviving the Modi script by rendering it with appropriate technology that makes it easy to use. This paper describes the project to standardize the Modi-script and consequently translate it into a usable typeface. It discusses the need for bringing back the Modi-script and the steps that need to be taken in order to relate with earlier cultural and historical era.